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Do All High Asset Divorces Require Litigation?

High-asset divorces are known for their complexity. You may be wondering, does that mean that all high-asset divorces are required to go through litigation? Let’s discuss.

What is Divorce Litigation?

Litigation is a traditional method of divorce. This is when the divorced couple goes to family court where the judge will make final rulings on different aspects of their divorce like custody, support payments, and asset division.

What is Considered a High Asset Divorce?

The general guideline for a high asset divorce in California is when the spouses share over $1 million worth of assets.

Litigating High Asset Divorce in California

While high-asset divorces require close attention to detail, it is not necessary for high-asset divorces to be settled through litigation. Spouses who share a significant amount of assets are also able to choose alternative methods of divorce, like mediation or collaborative divorce. If the spouses can come to agreements on their own, then there would be no need to go forward with litigation.

While litigation is not mandatory, it is sometimes the best option for divorcing couples. This is true if the spouses anticipate that they will run into conflict when deciding how to split their assets. Then, the judge will be able to make a fair ruling during litigation.

Divorce Attorney for High Asset Divorce

Whether you anticipate your high-asset divorce to be settled through litigation, mediation, or another method, you should always have divorce representation by your side. As you figure out how to divide your assets, or present the court with your wishes for asset division, it’s best to have the guidance and support of an attorney. An experienced divorce attorney can provide insight about reasonable expectations and advocate for you to get a fair share of your marital assets.

Long Beach High Asset Divorce Attorney

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